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Window Design for a Public Pool

The city of Augsburg recently hosted a design challenge for a public indoor pool. The building has a big window front that overlooks a park. Eight of the windows needed to be covered but still let light through. The design was supposed to be inspired bz the city's water management system that was recently added to the UNESCO world heritage list.

The overall concept of this design was to show the source of the city's water, the four rivers Lech, Wertach, Singold and Brunnenbach, but also showcase the different ways that water is used within the city.

The figures represent the personfied rivers how they are shown on the famous rennaisance fountains that can be found in Augsburgs city center.

The Lech holding a fish and a paddle because it was used for transporting goods into and out of the city as well as fishing.

The Singold holding grain and a a cogwheel because it was used to power the citys many mills.

The Brunnenbach is pictured with a water jug because it was the main source of drinking water.

The Wertach is pictured with a fishing net, representing its importance for the local supply of fish.

The four remaining images show the Eiskanal which was used for hosting the kayaking events during the Oplympic Games in Germany, one of the many hydroelectric powerplants that have been and are still used to supply electricity to the city, the famous water towers at the red gate which were used to supply the three rennaissance fountains with water and were considered a technical marvel all around the world, and lastly the Hochablass, the dam that protects the city from floods and helps guide the water into the city center.

Even though the design wasn't chosen in the end, I had a lot of fun making it!

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